VOICES for Social Justice Alliance

Voices of Innovative Compassionate Experts in Society

The Constellation Center for Equity in Computing at Georgia Tech is forming VOICES - Voices of Innovative Compassionate Experts in Society, an alliance of forward thinking, transformational and compassionate experts with the goal of laying out a rigorous agenda to shine a brighter spotlight on the negligence of lifting our poor communities, and the lack of equitable access to upward mobility and quality education and healthcare. In this time of crisis, it is clear that computer science education is only part of the solution. The Center is calling for diverse subject matter experts, researchers, industry volunteers, and any educator interested in participating.

To learn more about the inspiration for and motivation behind VOICES, read Constellations Director of Innovation and Educational Innovation Lien Diaz's blog post

Latest VOICES Episodes

Stephanie Rodriguez Discusses the Challenges Women and Minorities Face in STEM Careers

To kick off the series, Constellations director of innovation and educational leadership Lien Diaz spoke with Stephanie Rodriguez, vice president of policy and engagement at AnitaB.org. Together, the women explored the current landscape of careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for women and minorities, what challenges these groups are facing when it comes to upward mobility and income inequality, and what AnitaB.org is doing to help close these gaps. With a background in immunology and policy, Rodriguez brought a unique perspective when discussing the impact of Covid-19 on the tech workforce, education systems, and the 2020 election.

How Can We Better Support Latinx Communities in CS Education? A Conversation with Art Lopez

Art Lopez is a 33-year veteran teacher at Sweetwater High School in San Diego, Calif. and passionate advocate for computer science education in Latinx communities. In episode two of VOICES, Lopez discusses how to support Latinx students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields and how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted schools, especially schools that are regularly underfunded and whose populations are predominantly Black or people of color.

What does VOICES look like?

Good question! Elevating voices will look different depending on the topic and guest, but you can expect them to come in one of three forms to start off with:

  • Video interviews - primarily on our YouTube channel
  • Guest posts on our blog
  • Live Twitter chats/social media engagements
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