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A Call for Justice

July 30, 2020
Communications Officer

The Constellations Center for Equity in Computing stands in solidarity with the anti-racist movement to end the marginalization of people of color in our nation.

The Center unequivocally condemns all acts of racism and civil and human rights violations against Black students and students of color. We acknowledge our collective role to dismantling systems of oppression that exist in education for minoritized students. We recognize that we cannot truly solve for inequities in computing education without deliberating the disparities in health, housing, income and the workforce driven by policies and practices that actively disadvantage the Black community and people of color. Our mission to democratize computing is guided by the belief that Black and minority students are owed quality education and equitable access to opportunity and upward mobility.

Constellations is dedicated to promoting equity as a matter of social justice. We will continue to:

  • Call for the end of institutional racism and the culture of violence against people of color.
  • Stand against racist and sexist behavior that perpetuates the status quo and collaborate with partners who are working to change mindsets to stop such behaviors.
  • Advocate for the removal of systemic barriers that marginalize students based on their race, gender, disability, socioeconomic status or any other discriminatory factor. We will advocate by working with school administrations and local and state policy-makers to help every student receive an equitable education and give more people of color and fellow advocates a platform through our VOICES for Social Justice Alliance series and social media channels.
  • We call for stronger accountability measures to stop the oppression of these students entering into STEM and computing education. 
  • Advocate for workforce professional development that is centered on long term sustainable strategies to change mindsets and belief systems and eradicate biases against all people of color. We will continue to hold and engage in uncomfortable, difficult conversations about race and social justice at all Constellations sanctioned professional development events.
  • Actively promote language and critical dialogue that empowers, celebrates, and highlights civil and human rights for the Black community, people of color, immigrants, and the economically disadvantaged. We will not tolerate language that dehumanizes, demonizes, or disregards these same communities.
  • Mitigate the effects of racism on vulnerable populations and communities through research and education. All members of our team and extended community will be challenged to think critically and to prioritize social responsibility as we help educate the next generation of the workforce.

As the Constellations Center grows — in endeavors, human capital, and spiritually — we commit to being agents of change for racial justice, equity in education, building community, and elevating diverse voices in a safe and non-retaliatory environment.

Signed by,

The Constellations Team


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