Kamau Bobb Named to AnitaB.org Board of Trustees

Kamau Bobb, Senior Director of the Constellations Center
March 11, 2019
Communications Officer

Constellations Center for Equity in Computing senior director Kamau Bobb was recently named to the board of trustees of AnitaB.org, one of the most prominent organizations in computer science.

Named after the renowned computer scientist Anita Borg, the organization is committed to helping women see themselves as active participants in the tech world. The organization is also known for hosting the annual Grace Hopper Celebration and Grace Hopper Celebration India, the world’s largest gatherings of women technologists. 

“AnitaB.org is one of the most influential agents in the global effort for gender equity in computing. Serving with other board members in support of our visionary leader, Brenda Wilkerson, is an absolute thrill,” said Bobb.

As a trustee, Bobb joins the company of distinguished professionals from academia and industry already serving on the board.

The board offers counsel and advice to the CEO and president, is responsible for developing and approving strategic goals and objectives, and ensures that the organization stays true to its mission.

Constellations is a hub and national leader for research and advocacy at the intersection of educational equity and computing. The center’s missions to ensure that all students—especially students of color, women, and others underserved in K-12 and post-secondary institutions—have access to quality computer science education, a fundamental life skill in the 21st century.