Boy works on computer.

If you’re a parent and reading this page, it likely means that you are taking action to help your child learn computer science skills. Well done! You are miles ahead of many parents just by taking a few moments to research some ways that you can positively impact the rest of your child’s life.

Here at Constellations, we want every child to have access to quality computer science education. Unfortunately we can’t teach every child in every household - not yet at least. What so many people don’t know is that the ability to think computationally doesn’t just have to be taught in a classroom. You can help your child think critically and learn basic computer science concepts by integrating activities or questions into your daily routine.

Nervous because you don’t have a computing background either? Don’t sweat it! Our activities will help you and your child learn these skills together and have fun together all at the same time.

Ready to invest in your child’s future? Visit our Resources page for downloadable activities, tips, and more.