Why Invest

The Problem

Our education system is broken and the result is kids who are unable to compete with the evolving job market and create a better life for themselves.This is especially true for kids in urban, rural and poor communities. Our initial reach has exceeded our highest expectations but it is not enough to scale to the millions of students who are still being left out in computing education, a fundamental life skill of our time. We would love for you to be a part of our goal of raising $5 million. With your donation, no matter what size, we can do so much more to give kids in our community and beyond a future they never thought possible.

The Constellations Difference

In 2017, only two high schools offered Advanced Placement computer science courses in the Atlanta Public School district, meaning approximately only 40 students were able to access advanced computing courses. In the 2018-2019 school year, Constellations was able to triple student participation and the number of trained teachers went from zero to six.

Peyton and Aliyah talk in class

Boy interacts with robot hand

“Without Constellations coming to my school, I wouldn’t have known that I could really learn the skills to actually do cybersecurity and computer science in real life. This class helped me realize my potential and let me know that an opportunity like attending Georgia Tech was available to me."

- Charity Tarver, Mays High School alumna and current Yellow Jacket

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If you are interested in supporting the center, please contact our development team at development@cc.gatech.edu.