The Computing Equity Project

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The Computing Equity Project

The Computing Equity Project is the Constellations Center's original project and is focused on high school education. The project began in 2018 in five high schools in the Atlanta Public School district. Through the work of our research fellows, leadership, and school administrators, over 150 students were given access to quality computer science education in the 2018-2019 school year. 

The project partners Constellations with a school who is then assigned a research fellow. The fellow is responsible for guiding the teacher and administration through the process of bringing advanced placement computer science coursework into the school's curriculum. Fellows provide the teacher with teaching assistance and professional development to build capacity and strengthen their knowledge in computer science principles and pedagogy. 

To learn more about our Fellows and what they do, please visit the Fellows page. 

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A Sustainable Approach to Professional Development

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Our Impact

We’re dedicated to the development of a sequence of online computing courses that lead to post-secondary studies in computer science and STEM disciplines. Teachers new to computer science will be supported and prepared to facilitate each course. Contesting issues of race and poverty, students completing these courses will be prepared for real-world experiences and higher learning opportunities. This is how we obtain equity in computing.

How We Help Our Students

  • Access to a sequence of high-level online computing courses

  • Customized support for students to complete assignments and projects

  • Connections to post-secondary opportunities and internships

How We Help Our Teachers

  • Access to teacher resources fully aligned to each course

  • Summer professional development opportunities

  • Customized, on-demand online teacher support

“A lot of students and teachers think that they won't be good at computer science because they're not good at working with technology or math. It's not about being good at it, it's about being open to learning about it. You don't have to be an expert on day one, Constellations will get you there."

- Lakisha Fuller, teacher at Grady High School