DataWorks is a unique workplace training program and data services provider. It provides businesses, non-profits, and civic organizations with data cleaning, analysis, and annotation services and trains young people from communities historically minoritized in computing.  DataWorks operates with seven employees: five Data Fellows, one Data Trainer, and a Project Manager. The team works full-time as Georgia Tech employees but operate as a small company inside the institution, providing data services to external clients and internal projects.

DataWorks Primary Goals
  1. To provide data services to non-profits / civic organizations, researchers, and corporate clients.
  2. To provide computing education in a work environment that meets the needs of adults with limited technical backgrounds but with great potential to help broaden the demographic of people working in computing.
  3. To conduct research to understand better how to create new pathways into computing to attract more diverse workers to data sciences.
  4. To research and develop approaches to community engagement and redistribute the wealth of the university beyond itself and its standard beneficiaries.
  5. To create a model for co-constructing a work environment where the labor of data work is respected, and the workers have agency in their jobs, resisting exploitive work practices.