The LEAP Alliance focuses on increasing the numbers of African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans/Indigenous Americans, and People with Disabilities who become faculty at Ph.D. granting universities. Georgia Tech's College of Computing is active in this effort as we teach these students as undergraduates,  enroll and support them as Graduate and Ph.D. students, and hire them as faculty. Our involvement as a top-five institution is integral in providing leadership for other universities and partnering with our peers. We are also inclined to take action and uphold our (the city of Atlanta's) reputation in building equity and supporting the large population of underrepresented students in our region.


LEAPs Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our target communities are fully engaged in computing and information technologies, and to promote innovation that enriches, enhances, and enables these communities, such that more equitable and sustainable contributions are possible by all communities.

LEAPs Focus

CMD-IT is the national Center for Minorities and People with Disabilities in Information Technology that is focused on the following communities: African Americans/Blacks, Native Americans/Indigenous People, Hispanics/Latinx, and People with Disabilities.